Hafiy Fadil
Born and raised in the heart of Malaysia, Hafiy explores the creative industry as a photographer/videographer. Australia enabled the growth and adaptation in the fast-developing and evolving industry. The exploration of photography and videography in capturing moments and concepts has become synonymous with the name, Hafiy.
Having experience in working in many different industries in capturing and creating content, Hafiy has become recognisable with his involvement in many well-known brand and influencers around the globe.  With an in-depth understanding of his work, Hafiy can capture the vision and by pushing boundaries continuously to deliver the best.
With five years of experience behind the lens, Hafiy has acquired many skills that are unique to his style of shots. With his work primarily in music and corporate industry, he can quickly adapt to many other industries with his level of skills to continue delivering exceptional content. Our goal is to produce quality content and push out limit day by day in doing so.